vintage coach leather suitcase

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  1. My dad wants me to list his leather coach suitcase from the 70s on eBay. Does anybody have any idea about what price I should use? It's used, but in good condition.
  2. Hm. Sorry I dont really know. On the website they have a nylon suitcase retailing at $548. . .? Hope someone can help you out soon.
  3. thanks for trying abandonedimages!
  4. can u post a pic please
  5. I will as soon as I visit my dad's tomorrow and take some pics.:yes:
  6. Maybe also try searching eBay's ended Items for somthing like it and see what it went for.
  7. I'd say start at $50 but it'll probably go up to at least $200- those leather travel bags sell well.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.