vintage coach - court bag.

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  1. i wanted to share my appreciation for the vintage style coach handbags. i prefer the classic leather look with the brass hardware and turnlock closure. it was actually my first coach (and first designer handbag, as well) when my mom gave me her court bag.

    i have a question, while it's still in relatively good shape and condition (just needs a bit cleaning/shining up), the shape of the bag has seemed to be gone. no matter what i've done (tried to stuff it full with socks, tissue paper) it doesn't have that shape that it has on its side . is there any way to remedy this?

    also, does anyone here have a liking for vintage coach? i do like the newer designs but for some reason having the printed fabric would easily damage/stain.

    this is a pic, in case you aren't familiar, though mine doesn't have the adjustible shoulder strap.
  2. Beautiful bag! I grew up admiring my Mom's vintage style coach and it spurred my love for the brand. I tend to gravitate toward the leather styles more so than the signature fabric, because it's both classic and lasting.

    As far as maintaining the shape, I'm not really sure. Perhaps the SAs have some suggestions?
  3. What a beautiful bag ! Maybe you could cut a peice of cardboard, wrap it in fabric then put it in the bottom of the bag. That might work.
  4. I'd suggest a purse divider/organizer or Glitter's cardboard trick. Lovely bag, and good luck!
  5. I like the Court Bags although they're a little small for all the stuff I carry, have them in British Tan and Jade Green. I can't suggest anything to help with the shaping though, sorry.

  6. Yeah, both of thse ideas might work. I have a sturdy peice of cardboard wrapped in fabric on the bottom on my LV Speedy to help it keep it's shape (I'm not a fan of the sagging) also a "purseket" might help eep your things organized and thus keep the bag in better shape.

    Good luck, and great bag!
  7. I love the classic bags, I do find them a tad small for me, but they always look so sharp.
  8. I LOVE the classic bags too. My very first Coach bag was Janice in black and I still have her. I love the longer, adjustable straps of the older pieces too (you could wear them across the body or on the shoulder). I still keep her polished and you could never tell that she (and her sister, Rambler) is almost 15 years old.
  9. I would love be to find a vintage Courier!!
  10. Hi, I am new here and in 7th heaven seeing everyone’s treasures. I am getting a very distressed Willis that I want to bring back to glory. It will be my 1st rehab and frankly I am scared to death. I am reading every tutorial, recommendation and comment on the process here. Wish me luck!
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