Vintage Coach/Cashin

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  1. Does anyone own any vintage Coach bags, specifically the ones designed by Bonnie Cashin, I recently discovered these and I love them! I'm watching a few on eBay and wanted to see what you guys had to say about them!
  2. They are of course great lovely bags. I don't own any Cashin myself, however, I have purchased a couple older leather bags in the past. These bags are old(er) and unless stored properly may have odors; mildew, mothball, etc., I would ask the sellers. These bags come from original owners, estate sales or thrift shop etc. If you happen across a bag that you really love, be prepared, find a good professional leather cleaner.

    I've attached a link that (if you aren't already aware of) might be interested in ...
  3. I have a couple vintage bags. Do you have style numbers??
  4. which ones do you have? i'm looking at these...





  5. On that website, they have an authentication service. Here's the information:

    The Bonnie Cashin Foundation has complete access to over 3,000 pages of press material regarding Cashin's career, over 5,000 of Cashin's design sketches, and over 2,000 photographs of models in her designs, as well as exclusive access to her clothing collection and personal effects. Via these resources, the BCF provides electronic letters of authenticity, including date of manufacture and Cashin's original description of the design.
    The fee for each research request and certificate is $20.
    If your item was designed by Cashin and we are unable to provide documentation, the research fee will be refunded. Provide clear photos of the item as well as any label information. Please contact us if you are unable to send digital photos or use Paypal and wish to send information and payment via regular mail.
    The BCF is not affiliated with any other Cashin website and is the only official source for documented authenticity of Cashin's designs.
    Note: When purchasing Cashin handbags, please be aware that the "B" engraved on a hinge does not stand for "Bonnie." The mark indicates that the hinge was made by Branson Manufacturing, and in no way proves that the piece was designed by Cashin.
  6. Also, be very careful WHO you buy from. There are several sellers on eBay including one who uses the Bonnie Cashin name in his ID who are well-known for bid shilling, bait-and-switch, and re-dying older bags. If the seller or sellers are located in Arkansas and have Feedback ratings of less than 99 percent or have Private listings, avoid them like the Plague.

    Enthos is absolutely correct about really old bags having problems. It's so important to deal with an established and trusted seller when buying older bags. And ALWAYS read the full list of a seller's neutral or negative fedbacks at before bidding.

    Also remember that not all "vintage" bags are Bonnie Cashin bags. She only was with Coach from, I think, 1962 to 1972. A lot of so called Bonnie Cashin bags on Ebay were made long after she left the company. Only the very late Bonnie Cashin bags will even have Coach creeds or serial numbers.
  7. thanks for the tips!
  8. I love the color/style of the red bag!
  9. I just fall in love with bonnie cashin's style. I looking at a double kiss lock purse on ebay, in good condition and with coach tag inside, should I be worried that it is not authentic, since hyacinth mentioned that only very late BC bag will have the coach tag? And why some of BC purses have stripe lining, while some don't?
  10. I have lots of vintage bags, but none are true Bonnie Cashin designs. That red one you are looking at is a great bag...although I don't think it's a Bonnie bag. Hyacinth gave some good advice...just be careful who you buy from.

    Oh yeah, and vintage Coach bags don't have style numbers...they have serial numbers only. Style numbers didn't start till 1994.
  11. I know very little on this subject, but I do have that same red bag and love-love-love it!! Saw mine on fee-bay a few months back and don't regret buying it even one little bit! Scrumptious leather and so very comfy to carry - it's one of my favs (even if it doesn't ring DH's chimes - he likes more hardware!) It's a really nice bag, tho. :smile:
  12. Please authenticate no serial number on creed. If this is authentic please provide history. Thanks for your assistance.:smile:
    31.jpg 32.jpg 33.jpg
  13. You should probably post this in the Authenticate This Coach thread.
  14. Thanks just submitted have a great day! Posted here in error.:smile:
  15. I love Bonnie Cashin original bags or bags that were done right after she left Coach.. But do not have any due to how hard it is to get one... I really want the Kiss lock one with the original legacy stripe...