Vintage Coach bags purchased for their straps?!

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  1. I know that as of late alot of us gal's have been making just about any bag into a hippie bag!!!

    I have never used my Julianne as much as I do know that she's sporting a 40in. strap that dro[ps her all the way down to my hip when worn crossbody. Looks GREAT!!!

    I know that the new straps themselves aren't easy to find, and when ya do find them they're $40 bucks if not more! YIKES, that's wristlet & FOB money to this gal!!! LOL

    My latest idea is to hunt and stalk vintage Coach purses that have the detachable straps like Willis and station bags. The strap may not be the exact ideal width BUT they almost always have the dogleash clasp on both ends and they are LONG!!! The great part about this is that you can often find a vintage bag shipped for $20.00 bucks, and once you have those couple straps you need you just mix & match them from bag to bag!!!

    I need one for my Lg. black on black signature Zoe with silver HW, so I'm a goin' huntin on the bay. I'll let you know what I come up with. Just thought I'd share this little brain storm with ya!!!!

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  2. What a great idea!
  3. I have considered also buying universal straps for bags from a non-coach source, as it might cost less, and they can help you match the bag color to what they can provide.
  4. done it and the removable straps work great! :yes: I got a black station bag with brass hardware to use the strap.
  5. I have ordered 3 straps from the EBay seller who makes straps for Coach & other designer bags. They are very nice straps and I use them quite often.