Vintage Coach at Barney's

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  1. Fascinating..
  2. I read about those somewhere on this forum. I forgot which thread. I wonder if they're doing that instead of releasing a Legacy-like collection? Brb, going to glue some fringe on my thrift store finds and save myself $875... :P
  3. Well, prices are definitely not vintage but up to date... :faint: american LV ? Eek!
  4. So these are actually old, perhaps used, bags...not remakes of old styles. Yikes!
  5. I just saw a mention of a coach@barneysny collection on instagram but I didn't get that they were used bags. Lost interest now.
  6. Interesting three-in-one combo -- vintage, dinky, rip and repair. What else can we add to it?
  7. Well as for the price, it IS Barneys after! I wonder how they attach that fringe?
  8. They aren't even dinky bags! Those are pocket purses. I truly doubt they are from 1973!
  9. Didn't they do something like this involving Collette (the online vendor) and Snoopy? Using vintage, perhaps pre-loved bags?

    I only vaguely remember the details, but wasn't it something like Coach was buying up good condition or restored vintage bags, then adding Peanuts patches and selling through Collette?

    (Ok, did a search on vintage and Peanuts, and found mention of it. Discussion is here:

    If you do a google search on ----- vintage coach Collette ----- the pictures from Collette come up. Sounds like the same type of thing. I wonder how many more little "events" like this are brewing out there.

  10. No these are new designs that are in honor of 1973.
  11. Isn't this the kind of stuff sold on etsy?
    Those prices are a joke. But I guess someone will buy them.
  12. I'm not sure about that. While the "design" might be new, I think those are actually vintage bags, ie. bags made years ago, that are now being manipulated ... ie. "ripped and repaired".

    While I can't say for sure how many owners they may or may not have had .... (like I said, there was a whole discussion somewhere around here about Coach buying up vintage bags and redoing them for Collette) ... I'm pretty sure those bags, including the ones at Barneys, actually *are* many years old.

    If that weren't the case, why would they have this disclaimer in the listings ...

    "Very Good to Pristine: Shows very minor to no indication of handling."

    That quote is copied and pasted from the fine print down further in the Barney's listings. That's a mighty odd disclaimer to add for brand new bags made from scratch within the last year. :thinking: If the bag were brand new, would you really say it's in "very good to pristine" condition?
  13. Dinosaurs. :lol:
  14. No, these are used bags.