Vintage clothes?

  1. Anyone into vintage clothes? If so, where are the places/websites you go to? Would love to hear of great finds you all have discovered!
  2. I LOVE vintage!! I go to a couple-three shops here locally. The 40s and 50s are my favorite era. My grandmother had a ton of gorgeous cocktail dresses from the 50s-early 60s that she gave me, too. She also had some fabulous poiny-toed spike-heeled pumps but alas my feets are too big. If you google "vintage clothes" you will find a gazillion websites. I've never bought vintage clothes online b/c not sure of sizing---it's better to be able to try stuff on, more fun, too. Good luck!

    PS try for some nice reproduction stuff.
  3. Oh, I'm so happy someone finally posted about vintage clothes! Well, I always check up on ebay deffinatly. I've found some nice things there, from an 80s Pauline Trigere blazer to a 60s Balenciaga coat to a 20s velvet cape with a chinchilla collar. Also, I LOVE Antique, Vintage, and Couture Apparel.................................................... keywords: flapper dress, flapper dresses, flapper gown, flapper gowns, civil war, pageant gown, pageant gowns, pucci, ceil chapman, poiret, jean p but it's pretty expensive. In fact, incredibly expensive. But if you want to drop the money for a quality piece or just look for inspiration, it's a great site. I also really like Victorian Edwardian Vintage Clothing Civil War Vintage Clothing Victorian Edwardian Accessories Civil War Vintage Accessories where I've found a beautiful 20s jacket and a lovely 30s fur trimmed blazer. Relatively, they're pretty cheap for their quality. And (if you're ever in Chicago) my two favorite stores are Lulu's at the Belle Kay and Silver Moon Vintage. The last has a site, Silver Moon Chicago - Vintage and I've gotten some nice mens suit items from the Victorian era as well as a gorgeous 20s cape (a little obsession..:smile:. Both are pretty cheap, but also have a few very expensive items. But in my opinion, they're worth the money. At Lulu's I found this amazing alligator clutch, a beautiful leather trech coat, and a few other things.
  4. PS: for some reason, the links showed up wierd but just click on the underlined things lol
  5. Wow, a bunch of good sites listed! There's not much vintage where I live so online is probably a better option, but I usually like to be able to see/try on the clothes myself. Mr. Couturier, I will check those places out next time I go to Chicago. Few years ago in Chicago, I was found a vintage Mainbocher black evening dress in a shop, but alas it will several sizes too small. Darn!
  6. Oh I hate when that happens! Once (at Silver Moon) I found this amazing Victorian women's blazer in kind of a mens-inspired double-breasted style, but still very femmenine (I HATE how most 20th/21st century mens blazers fall. So baggy, and I feel like I'm drowning! even in finely tailored suits!). Except the waist was something rediculous like 16inches. But deffinatly check those out :yes:. The store owner at Lulu's at the Belle Kay can be pretty rude though...but the other saleswoman that's there (more so than the owner) is very nice.
  7. I love vintage clothes !

    I prefer to do it the old school way and go to the thrift store and dig around for hours , they know by name at all my favorite ones . I have found some of the most incredible things !

    Not all vintage , either . A 100% Camel Hair Micharl Kors double breasted blazer , Giorgio Armani suit , I could go on and on.

    Its fun , and the cheapest way to do it ! Just make sure when you are in the bad neighborhoods ( which is where all the best ones seem to be ) you play heads up ball . At least where I live they are constantly stealing purses out of womens carts when they are not looking , and cars are stolen from the parking lot often , too . I lived downtown for years so I'm used to it .
  8. I love vintage! But since none of that fits me, I make my own "vintage inspired" clothing. I get the look and a fabulous fit and no one wore it before me! Besides, I don't have to travel all over creation to find it.
  9. i love vintage... i've always shop intage clothes at least once a month since 5 yrs ago.
    i always look for them in vintage shops in my city. i never bought them on line.
    i love the 20's era but i'm particulary fits more in 60'7 or 70's style/