Vintage clothes shopping

  1. I've recently become intrigued with vintage clothing and am scouring eBay for clothes that are 1. cute, 2. fit, and 3. good deals!!

    So i found a really cute mustard colored velvet coat that i fell in love with.. it's my size... but i got it for $200.. i feel like that's alot for a vintage item (from the 60s...)

    Then again.. i'm still new at what do you ladies think? Was it too expensive? Where else do you go (online) to get vintage clothing, and what do you look for?
  2. here's a pic:
  3. That's definitely quite a bit for a vintage coat off eBay but if you love it, it's worth it :O) I love vintage as well (60's mostly.. but also some 50's and 70's) and have a long list of vintage sellers on eBay.. i also have local places that i love. My suggestion is to search by descriptive words.. i always search using "dolly dress" or maybe you'd do "angel dress" if you were looking for a 70's dress with angel sleeves.. and then "-" all the things that wont work for you "-large -xl -brown" whatever it may be.. it REALLY helps.

    Hope this helps you out a bit:heart:
  4. thanks!! i was hoping i'd get a good deal.. in fact that's part of the allure of vintage for me..really unique pieces that are affordable...

    i'm gonna wait until i get it, the seller has a return policy.. i just got really obsessed with having it!! and in the last 5 seconds it jumped $150 in price!! :push:
  5. haha totally understand, i've been there a million times before. eBay is addictive!
  6. I don't necessarily think that is too much. Like any clothing, you should pay what you think the item is worth. If it fits well, is in good condition, is made well, and if you love it, like sammy said, it's totally worth it.

    I'm also a big fan of vintage clothes, but mainly the '20s and '30s with a little bit of the '40s and '50s for me. That plus me being a guy, I have a pretty tough time finding things that don't have too feminine of a shape but also fit me well, so you really do have the edge there haha!

    To add onto what sammy said, you should also check the box right below the search bar that says "search titles and descriptions." It will give you a lot more options than just typing something in. You could also just search a lot of designers' names from the period you're interested in, or for that matter celebrities whose style of clothing is similar. If you're searching for a curvy '50s dress search "Marilyn Monroe" or for a mod coat put in "Twiggy," for example.

    Here are some sites I love that you might be interested in:
    - This has a ton of items from many different decades, but primarily the '60s-'80s, all for really good deals. You kind of have to dig, but it's worth it.

    - This site is pretty expensive as far as mid-century vintage goes, but the quality is definitely worth it. There are a ton of designer items on here, and a pretty good stock of modern items as well.

    - They have so many different items and styles from all different decades. It's always very well-stocked and has a nice range of prices.

    Sorry, this was uber-long, but I hope it helped!
  7. thanks guys!!

    And those websites are awesome!! thank you for the helpful hints!!