Vintage Chintilly and thoughts!

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  1. Hey everyone!!
    I just purchased a Chintilly manufactured in 1986 but it has not been shipped yet... It's in good condition with (in my
    Opinion) a dark patina but it seems quite even. I want some feedback on if you think this purse looks TOO old or if it looks like its in good condition? Idk much about preloved vintage items!!!

    Here's some pics:
    image-2227868006.jpg image-3611620944.jpg
  2. I think it looks cute! If you got a great deal on it then :tup:
  3. It looks like it's in great condition! Nice find!
  4. Does 240 sound like a good deal? :weird: :confused1: (I really don't know how much one should pay for a vintage piece... lol
  5. It looks great and if you said the price is $240 I think that's a great deal! Personally I think the bag can look fresh depending on what you wear with it and I don't think it looks too old. I would snap it up.
  6. Idk how much to pay for vintage pieces but $240 sounds great! You can barely buy anything NEW at LV for $240 and you love it so that's a deal. I think it depends what you wear with this but it can still look in style.
  7. I think it looks wonderful & that you got a great deal. Enjoy & post modeling pics when it arrives!
  8. Yay thanks!! I definitely will!
  9. It's beautiful! Looks just as good as the new ones for sale currently in the boutique. It's back in style! Go for it!
  10. That's an amazing deal! Congrats!!
  11. it looks great -- and it will definitely be in fashion now with all the crossbody bags out there.... enjoy!!
  12. You guys are making me very proud of my purchase! Thanks for all the feedback! I'll post some mod pics when I get it :smile:
  13. Great condition imo, enjoy! :flowers: