vintage chic: "how to funk up your kelly (and save that damaged scarf!)"

  1. Forgive me if this is completely common knowledge, or an old trick everyone except me knows about... Today, Mistikat and I had a mini tPF rendez-vous and H boutique browse in Toronto. I took home the "Le Carre Hermes" spring/summer 2008 catalogue, and found the most intriguing photo (featuring a VERY used and abused/"ridden hard and put away wet" vintage Kelly) on page 21:
  2. I have a 1970s beat up old black courchevel sellier Kelly. It was my first H bag ever, purchased very second hand. But I don't seem to wear it often at all.

    I also have a couple of scarves that have been worn to death. I'm thinking of a Brides de Gala scarf in particular - my first H scarf; I can't wear it because it has little marks and discoloration here, there and everywhere. But how can I possible *throw out* an H scarf, let alone my first H scarf ever?

    I did a full on page 21.
    kelly1.jpg kelly2.jpg kelly3.jpg kelly4.jpg kelly5.jpg
  3. It Was Crazy Fun!!!!!
    kelly6.jpg kelly7.jpg kelly8.jpg kelly9.jpg kelly10a.jpg
  4. Honestly, neither the scarf nor the bag have EVER looked better. (Well, the scarf and I did have better days... somehow, though, the sum here exceeds the parts!)
    kelly11.jpg kelly12.jpg kelly13.jpg kelly14.jpg kelly15.jpg
  5. I love the scarf-as-handle! I've seen something similar done with a carre and a Medor but never with a kelly.

    BTW, Piaffe, you are seriously the chicest pregant woman I've ever seen. The kelly, the scarf, the black dress. Love it!
  6. I feel like I have a new bag. I simply love the fact that I can wear it as a shoulder bag or a handbag - and that I am simultaneously wearing "soft jewellery", as one tPFer put it. It's such a great twist on the ultimate H classic. I have a couple of other scarves that I don't really wear any more - and this is the perfect way to recycle them!

    Does anyone else do this? How did I miss this memo?

    I feel like that bag has gone from tired "tired old bag", well past her prime, to a chic, contemporary bag.

    LOVE IT.
    mykelly.jpg kelliaction.jpg
  7. I love that! Does the scarf stay on when you open the bag? I can't visualize how the scarf attaches to the bag.
  8. Great use of both pieces!!
  9. Piaffe, that looks great! You are always so chic!
  10. Thanks gina_b... As I've said before: you are talking to the person who gained * * 70 * * pounds in her first pregnancy!!!

    The key is obviously wearing BLACK - and having a distracting piece of Hermes in one's hand... Grace was on to something. It may not hide my bump - but it definitely makes me feel better!
  11. Looks great! No, I haven't heard of doing this before!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!
  12. I've heard of this method on an Evelyne but never a Kelly- it's stunning!

    btw piaffe you have the most amazing style.
  13. I didn't think of taking pictures of the inside... Essentially, I folded the scarf up across the diagonal (to make it as long as possible), and then put it under the flap. I just closed the bag over it, and tied the ends (I played with different lengths of "strap".

    To be honest, I didn't open it while it was on my shoulder. But I would always put the Kelly down on a counter surface before opening it anyway, so it's not significantly less practical than the Kelly alone.
  14. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!!!

    *running to find old scarf and old bag*
  15. OK, you were paying WAY closer attention to that little booklet than I was! ;)

    I have to tell you ladies that in person, Piaffe is indeed every bit as chic as she is in her photos. And it had nothing to do with distracting people with black and Hermes (though of course both are always welcome distractions!)

    Alas, I have no Kelly to try this scarf trick on .... but maybe it's time to go rummaging in my closets for something else that might work!