vintage chanel

  1. hello :smile:

    finally got around to taking pictures of the chanel bag that my mom gave me :smile: it was her first chanel bag ever that she bought with her first paycheck :smile: so I guess it's 1970s chanel or so?

    I super love it, and first picture it was kinda dark, so I put it against my macbook in the 2nd pic :smile: last is of me with it :smile:

    also, to those that celebrate it, happy chinese new year!
    pi23 - 138.jpg pi23 - 139.jpg pipi.jpg
  2. Wow, what I great bag! It's so cool that you got it from your mom. Happy chinese New Year to you, too! My company's business assiciates in China all have two weeks off. Soooo lucky!
  3. oh yes

    forgot :smile: I did want to post pictures of the first time I actually dared to carry out my white 2.55 :smile:

    that was about a month ago.. and yes ignore the fat arm there :smile:
    crazyisascrazydoes - 351.jpg crazyisascrazydoes - 360.jpg
  4. haha yes, she kept a few cooler ones, but most of them SHE GAVE THEM AWAY.

    I wasn't one of those girly girls growing up, and she never thought she'd pass them on to me so she gave them ALL AWAY.

    yeah, I still feel sick when I think of all that chanel she GAVE AWAY.

    hahahahhahahah ok, I gotta stop saying that :p

    oh I get 3 days of public hols, which sadly coincides with my term break.. the school is robbing me of my break! but yes it's a huge thing in china :smile: which is good, because that lets my relatives who work there come back to join us :smile:
  5. How sweet. It's so nice.
  6. You have two fabulous bags! Lucky you! :yes:
  7. Love the bag your mom gave you!
  8. Nice vintage bag~ :nuts:
  9. You look gorgeous with both your lovely Chanels. The vintage one is so special, especially coming from your Mom.
  10. fat arm?? i think not!! love your Chanels! I think you look great!
  11. i love the vintage ur mom gave you.. and just n time to wear it for the new yrs! happy chinese new years to you too.. hope you'll get lotsa red pockets to go towards your next chanel purchase! for me, i'll have to save mine for my mom's dentures....
  12. Nice bag! I love it!
  13. thanks babes :smile:

    and hahah sweet_pees, dentures?!?! hahah :smile:

    and yep, it has alot of history :smile: and I do hope to be able to pass it on to my daughter (omg if any :p), but of course that would be like in 30 years time or so :p

    and beautiylicious, it does look like that eBay auction huh, cept that I think this bag dated from before they decided to put the bag clasp at the logo.
  14. u're so cute!!! :yes:


    :heart: 'em