Vintage Chanel

  1. Hi all: Got a question I hope someone can help me with. A while ago I went to a church bazaar and on the table there were a bunch of bags. One was a well worn bag, creamy tan color with the silver Chanel logo on the opening. I thought it might be authentic and at the time did not want to spend the 35 dollars on it (now I wish I had) cause back then I was not into bags just recently and now am obsessed. Anyways, instead I bought a cute Ralph Lauren bag and when I went back to the table I was still wrestling whether to buy the Chanel bag it just looked so so worn out. Question: Are vintage chanel bags worth something? I know I could have had it repaired but back then I did not know much about Chanel bags.
    Thanks for your input,
  2. Maybe you can put this under Chanel Designer Sub-Forum. There's a lot of Chanel Addicts there who can help you. :smile:
  3. lina, welcome! If you head over to the Chanel forum...those lovely girls will help ya.
  4. Yes, vintage bags are still worth some money. The vintage XL jumbo for example has been on eBay for around $800 in some auctions. Given the age of some of those bags, I'd say it's pretty good.