Vintage Chanel Turnlock CC Earrings with upside down stamp?

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  1. Am I crazy or is this wrong. I purchased some earrings froma reputable resell ship in NYC. However after taking a closer look the stamp is upside down . The clip is attached to the north end of the earring, and the little elevated piece is on the south end. So in order to clip them on(with the stamp upside) you would have to wear on the top of you ear!

    I tried searching for more earrings online to see what how they look, but they all look the same. Is this normal, or are they all fake?
    See below to get a better view

    Sorry I guess my main concern is I'm not spending $$$ on fake goods.
  2. Sorry I’m not of much help but maybe try the authentication thread to get a proper opinion? The earrings looks really good by the way. If it’s authentic such a good find