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  1. There is a vintage Chanel bag on eBay that I really want, but am unsure of its authenticity. Does anyone know what to look for/ask about to verify it is authentic? The auction ends Friday, so can you answer before then?

    Thanks much
  2. ask for serial #, authencitycard to match it
    where and when they got it
    quality of leather, made where?
    look at all there feedbcks and decide if they r honest w/you.
    hey maybe i can help, i go on eBay all the time, give me the item # and I can email u and let u know if it's worth the buy.
  3. Maybe you should post it on the Chanel subforum...under authenticate this. Those ladies are real experts...
  4. HI
    CAN you post the link here
    there are so many Chanel fakes on at the moment
    In particular the 2.55 and cambon
    so please do be very careful

    I saw a fake sell for 595 uk pounds last week, horrible chanel fake
  5. the fakes have fake auth cards and authenticity numbers
    if the card has a rainbow hue to it , its a fake
    if the hologram has a zero that is not crossed its a fake
    so pls dont think auth cards and holograms make it the real thing it does not
Thread Status:
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