Vintage Chanel Purse? Help a newbie!

  1. Hello, my name is Jacob Parrish. I am the husband of a purse lover. My wife and I love going to thrift shops to find old vintage stuff. Recently my wife and I have come across several high end purses, including a Chanel purse that is just spectacular. This purse looks like it is from the 1980's, but I haven't been able to verify it's authenticity. I recently attempted to sell this purse on eBay, only to be suspended (because we wouldn't guarantee authenticity). I am hoping to get opinions on this purse as well as others that I come across and I look forward to reading the posts about other members finds. Where do I start?

    Thanks! Jake
  2. Jake, you should go to the Chanel Shopping sub-forum, and post it in the 'Authenticate this' thread...