Vintage Chanel Premiere Watch

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  1. Hello everyone! I am new here!

    I have a question for you Chanel fanatics! I was looking on my local CL and found a lady selling a mint condition vintage Chanel 18k watch which I believe is from the Premiere line. She said she purchased it in 1987 for around $3000 and guarantees it authentic. I attached the photo from the ad and I also emailed her for more.

    She is asking $200 for it. Is it worth it? :confused1:

    I think I would wear it, if not I could always re-sell it.

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  2. I think that is a good deal.
  3. def a good deal for only 200, il keep it just cuz its vintage!
  4. Thanks guys! Im waiting on more pictures to make sure its in the shape she says its in!
  5. I'd get it for that price, as long as it's in decent shape and you like it.
  6. First off the watch did not cost $3000 in 1987. It was between $1200 and $1500. I know I have that watch. Ask her for close up pics of the back of the watch. On the back will be several lines inscribed. I will be happy to compare to my watch and let you know if it matches mine.

    My first instinct is the watch may be fake based on her asking price, and second claiming the watch sold for $3K. It could be the gold plating is badly worn, etc. Does it keep accurate time? (not that that's an indicator of authenticity).
  7. Ok this word for word what the ad said:

    "I am selling my ladies Chanel 18k gold watch. This watch is 100% authentic and I purchased this in 1987. This sold for over $3000 originally. This is in near mint condition and just needs a new battery. This includes the Chanel care/authenticity booklets. This weighs 48 grams"

    When I get pictures I will post them!

  8. Great deal - IF it is what it claims to be. Great that Jmen can help you out on this.
  9. The watches came in a nifty white box that folds open and there is a form to put the watch on when it's not being worn. The pics do not show that box, so if she is the original owner, ask her for the box. Does she guarantee the watch will run with a new battery? (Cost about $25.) Feel free to pm me when you get those pics.
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  11. mhmh. I sort of doubt that they would still have the parts for such an old piece.
  12. It's a permanent style from Chanel; they still make it now. So I don't think you should have any problem replacing the leather strap.
  13. Agreed. I was just gonna say, there is no way that the watch could retail for $3000 in 1987. The retail price in October 2011 was around $3500, now I believe it's $3800 because there was a price increase for all Chanel watches in November, and there will be another one coming up.
  14. When you take it to the boutique and do the repair order for a new strap, have the SA write downbuff out the scratches. Whenever anything goes in for repair be it purses, jewelry, etc. be very specific what you want done because if you specify one item that is all that will be addressed. HTH.