Vintage Chanel pens

  1. I recently went through a drawer that belonged to my dad from the 50's, all sorts of random papers, post cards and these strange vintage pens. The pens I guess are from the 50-60's One says chanel#5 the other says Arpege they apparently smelled like chanel#5 when you wrote with them they also say 14k gold on them. At the time the price sticker on it says $25, non the less are still kinda neat and thought I share them with you.:tup:
    002.JPG 003.JPG
  2. that's the coolest thing ever! Wish my fam had some righteous finds like that!
  3. Arpege was a perfume. Their tag line was "If you give them anything, give them Arpege." It seems odd that an Arpege pen would have Chanel 5 on it. But back then I was very, very young (so if one does the math, I'm old now :smile: or (: depending. . . I also remember the Pepsodent toothpaste tag line if anyone is interested. I thought not . . .
  4. Thanks swanky, unfortunately my dad died 5 months ago and I was unable to ask him about them, but boy did he have some good taste! Also the old postcards were really neat! Postcard collecting I guess a long lost past time!

    jmen- there are 2 pens, one says chanel, one says arpege.
  5. jane, I'm sorry you lost your Dad:flowers:
    Seems like you may have some items w/ sentimental value:love:
  6. Very cool, anyone know what these would be worth today?
  7. Aw, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. :sad:

    But you're right, your dad had excellent taste. Those pens are gorgeous and they will be a real treasure to you from now on.

    Thanks for sharing with us :flowers:
  8. Wow! That's a pretty cool find.
    By the way, my condolences on losing your father :heart:
  9. ahh sounds like your dad was a man of very good taste that he passed to his daughter :smile:

    Glad you have found some super cute things to remember him by too.
  10. The pens are very interesting. What a nice memento to have from your late father.
  11. wow how cool was your dad! the pens, postcards and other mementos are lovely reminders of him for you :girlsigh:.
  12. Ladyjane, My sincere condolences on your dad's passing.

    Going through things can yield some surprises. It's akin to a treasure hunt. I wonder the history of the pens -- who produced them, etc. And they're 14K gold!! Like the Cross pens, which were fairly expensive -- also gold or silver depending on your preference.

    Have you looked closely to see if there is a place to refill the scent? You can tell I'd be examining them from the how'd they do that aspect.

    These pens are pieces of Americana. Makes me wonder what will our kids find and think is special. I kindda doubt it's going to be a BIC disposable.
  13. Those are awesome!

    I am very sorry for the loss of your father though. My deepest sympathies.:flowers:
  14. Those are really nice pens! Do you think you'll use them. Do they work?
  15. Sorry for your loss.