Vintage Chanel on sale on

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  1. good find..but 95% of the stuff were sold out!
  2. Hope they keep loading it with new stuff though
  3. Aw man! The sale's only been on for 5 minutes (literally), and almost everything is sold out. Guess they had limited stock and a lot of Chanel lovers. I can certainly relate! :biggrin:
  4. I know! I came in at 11:08, only 8 minutes into the sale and most things were gone :sad:
  5. wow.. everything is now 100% sold out :oh:
  6. I was shocked too about the fast! I hope they'll do that again soon!
  7. How good were the prices?
  8. Anybody knows:confused1:
  9. is there ANYTHING left besides that dress and books!? lol
  10. i'm praying they will keep loading new stuff on, been checking everyday
  11. I personally think they didnt have that great a selection at all.

    Hope they post better stuff soon
  12. sorry to sound dumb but does this site only sell vintage chanel items?and are they authentic I've heard of the site before
  13. Keodi all the previous stuff they have sold is fine. They predominately deal in end of season ranges for other designers.