vintage Chanel medium classic flap

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  1. Hi everybody,
    I found two bags, vintage Chanel classic flap medium, I would like to buy one.
    Both are gently used, but the first was made in 1991 and has ID card, the second was made in 2003 and there is no ID card. What do you think?
  2. Which one is in better condition?

    All things equal (price condition etc) I'd go for the 90s. It's gilded with actual gold which is no longer done. I'm not sure if the '03 is. But I'm partial to vintage.
  3. the 2003 is in better condition, price is 2970 usd. The
    1991 has been repaired.... there is small gap in the leather on the strap.. 2700 usd.
  4. Get the one with the better condition even if it's a tad more expensive. Do you have pictures to help us help you decide?
  5. 2003...

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  6. and 1991 .......I posted 3 pics of same parts of bags and also missing leather

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  7. When did Chanel stop using real gold?
  8. Is there a difference in leather type between the flaps (lambskin vs. caviar)? The pics are very small and can't be enlarged.
    Chanel stopped gold plating the hardware, I believe, in early 2009.