Vintage Chanel Maintenance

  1. I recently got a very vintage chanel drawstring bag...but the condition of the leather is horrible...well...the outer part seems to be kinda cracking (?) and the gold hardware is already discolored a bit....
    Any tips on restoring the leather? Should I polish it with oil? How about the hardware? Any tips would be much appreciated~! Thanks everyone~! :confused1: :yes: :wlae:
  2. I would probably take it to Chanel for a cleaning/restoration. I would be afraid to do it myself.
  3. i took my vintage camera bag to the ny store a couple years ago and they did abeautiful job "polishing" it and replacing the chain and the cording. was well worth the $200 or so it cost!
  4. wow, thanks. Does it look a lot better now that you've gotten the work done?
    I needed to get the interior of my LV Sac Plat replaced and I've been putting it off because it's supposed to cost $298 or something and then tax on top of that. But I guess it's worth it if you look at it as getting the bag renewed for a fraction of its price. :yes: :shame:
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