Vintage Chanel in Miami

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  1. I am dying to get a new chanel large or jumbo black flap but alot of you seem to complain that the quality isnt as great anymore. So does anyone know a great place for me to find a great vintage flap in miami?
  2. I have not seen any chanel vintage bags in Miami. Your best bet might be some of the tried and true, reputable online sellers. Pm me if you want any info on the sellers I have used., G.L.
  3. Try They have great looking vintage chanel bags! Seems that a few of the places that sell their bags throught that web site are based in Miami (Coral Gables, West Palm) but i could not find a direct link to get them directly. I a sure you will find wHat you are looking on that website!
  4. There is a great consignment shop in Miami that sells Vintage Chanel flaps and Totes. They are really high priced though...same as or higher than current flap prices! C. Madeline's is the name of the place.
  5. Anyone know where vintage chanel can be found in Miami. Looking for clothing, shoes or bags. We are gonna be in Miami south beach this weekend and would love to find some vintage chanel for my wife. Are there any consignment shops or other places down there we can look. Thanks.
  6. Here are a few places for you to try that I have personally seen Chanel at.

    On South Beach: Lincoln Road area, Consign of the Times-1635 Jefferson Ave. Miami Beach (305-535-0811

    In Coconut Grove, a few miles south of South Beach, The Fashionista Consignment Boutique, 3135 Commodore Plaza #101, Coconut Grove, Fl 305-443-4331

    In the city of South Miami a little further south, The Dressing room of South Miami, 5829 SW 73rd St. #9, South Miami 305-668-4440

    All of the locations are also great areas to walk around, lots of shops and places to eat inside and outside. Hope you find what your looking for have fun with the hunt!
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  7. Thanks. Will check these places out. Not looking for anythin in particular. Would love to find a business suit though. It's just the thrill of finding that bargain and if it's chanel....well what more can you ask for.
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    Very little Vintage Chanel in Miami, but you can try the following:
    C Madeleine's
    305) 945-7770
    13702 Biscayne Blvd
    Miami Beach, FL 33181
    Fabulous Second Hand High end Vintage Store.............

    Second Showing (No Chanel Handbags), but the occasional Chanel RTW and other high end brand clothing
    11521 S. Dixie Highway, Pinecrest, Florida.
    No great bargains but interesting inventory.

    Also, at the Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove, twice a month an antiques and vintage sale takes place, Chanel handbags are sold, but no bargains, gorgeous jewelry at times.........let me check the next date for you.

    Mayfair Hotel, Coconut Grove, Florida.
    3000 Florida Avenue
    Miami, Florida 33133
    (305) 441-0000
    Vintage and Antique Show held every month, call the hotel to make sure there is one going on the weekend you are down here.
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  9. Fly Boutique 650 lincoln road.
  10. Sorry to dig up such an old thread, but I’ll be in Miami for a couple of days this week and would like to check out some consignment shops! Mostly interested in Chanel purses but happy to see some Diors and LVs too! Any recommendations? Thanks!
  11. There's a "what goes around comes around" store in Miami Beach. Vintage handbags.