Vintage Chanel in Los Angeles?

  1. Hi Ladies...

    I just moved to Cali not too long ago...anyone know of any stores in LA that sell vintage Chanel purses?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Also Maggie Rose Couture in Sherman Oaks gets Chanel in now and than.

    13900 Ventura Blvd
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
    (818) 763-5150
    Get directions
  3. I've been there last month. Most of them are fake. One authentic vintage lambskin jumbo with big CC pretty worn was priced at 1600. I never come back.
  4. Oh wow! I was in the area the other day so I stopped by and the owner showed me that one saying she JUST got it in. I was shocked when she said it was $1600 cuz it was SOOOOO worn! The flap was all creased and there was all these scratches. I asked her how she knows they are all real and she was like "I'MMM AN EXPERT!". Oh puleeeese! Hehe. I am shocked to hear that most were fake. All she had was the Jumbo which seemed real to me and then a tiny tiny bag. I doubt I will go back!
  5. Did you stop by RodeoDriveResale? It's very close to this place but on the opposite side. They have an authentic black lambskin with tassel and vintage chain (i.e. no leather interwoven). Good condition. They sell for 700. It's the same style with the one in the photo of this post:
  6. ^ The actual Rodeo Drive Resale store is closed because they are moving. I called them. Only their online store is open for now. They said once they move in their new location, everything will be like it was before. I was dissapointed because I had never been there.

    Oh and when did you see that bag? It's not on their website!
  7. I saw that bag just about a month ago. I didn't know they moved. Do you have any idea where is their new location?
  8. I will have to check these places out... Thanks
  9. Resurrection vintage does sell genuine items. I have been there before and they are very strict about selling authentic
  10. Go to this site IMMEDIATELY! I think the Chanel sale is almost over. Personally I don't care for vintage, but these made my jaw drop, and they are authentic, with a good return policy.
  11. it's not in LA exactly, but pasadena
    clothesheaven has a lot of vintage chanel
  12. I know this is an old forum...but has anyone been to any of the above vintage stores in LA lately? I'm wondering if Resurrection Vintage is still selling fake Chanel bags. A friend of mine just received one from them that she ordered online. The hologram sticker is all scratched up & unreadable. She was very disappointed since the bag wasn't cheap.