Vintage Chanel Help Please!

  1. i am thinking of purchasing a vintage chanel black patent clutch from the 1980s. it is a rectangle black patent clutch with embossed CCs in black on the front and a bone colored leather piping around the edges. it also has a gold chain, not leather braided... any ideas what a fair price would be to pay for this? any help would be greatly appreciated..i know vintage bal very well, but vintage chanel.:confused1:...please help if there are any experts! i can help you with any bal info you may need...thanks in advance...:heart:
  2. pictures and perhaps a statement of its condition would be helpful.

    I'm not too familiar with vintage chanel either, but they seem to retain their value much better than a lot of the other brands. If the bag is rare or sought out, you may have to pay a premium, but how much you think is a good price is really up to you -- how much do you want the bag?
  3. sorry, i have no pix. condition is used, but good. i am hoping someone might have have some expertise with pricing for this type of vintage black patent clutch.:heart: any help would be appreciated.:smile:
  4. any help chanel experts? PM if you want...:heart: