Vintage Chanel Classic Flap Pink Color Recommendation (24k hardware)

Dec 17, 2019
Hi I am in a hunt for a caviar, lambskin or both in vintage classic flap small or medium (the one with 24k gold hardware) in pink but I am staying away from Pepto-Bismol pink, salmon pink, fuchsia, hot pink, bubble gum pink (intense pink), and dark pink. I am looking for something that is more on the blush pink (neutral pink) or light pink. I see people talk about series 8 or 9 pink. I can't tell from youtube videos and online photos what kind of pink this is.

Would like your suggestions. If you happen to have one that is blush pink or light pink and if you want to share photos that would be great so I can see what these bags look like. Thank you
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Jul 18, 2018
Perhaps something like this? I've seen some nice pink ones on this Instagram page, but they are all sold out, unfortunately. :P