Vintage Chanel Bags?

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  1. This is my first 'Chanel' post. :yes:

    I have some questions in reference to 'older' bags. I was going through my closet and found some boxes of Chanel bags I have owned since (and I am guessing) 1988 - 1993. I found one that is natural leather with CC embossed on it. It has changed to a slightly darker shade since, but I guess my question is....How can I clean the chain without messing the leather? (water can not touch this bag!). My other bags certainly need some 'refreshing', but don't want to take them all in to the boutique. Any ideas?
    And finally, last question: Because these bags are older, the chain is longer. Has anyone asked the store to maybe shorten length of chain to 'modernize'?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I was going to suggest taking them all to Chanel for a cleaning.:lol:

    Anyway, welcome to the Chanel subforum.:flowers:
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