Vintage Celine lovers! Come see my new to me vintage classic Celine!

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  1. Anyone here for a vintage Celine reveal??

    My boyfriend got me a lovely vintage Celine bag from a reputable Japanese reseller on ebay! Can you guess what she is??

    Some hints & one picture
    -She's most likely circa 1970's
    -Phoebe Philo redesigned the classic bag in 2009
    -See the picture below for a sneak peek at the side hardware!

    I know you ladies will probably be able to guess! :P

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    It doesn't seem like anybody is here!! :cry: But I'm going to post anyway because she's seriously a gorgeous piece of history!

    Here is my new to me dark navy vintage Celine box!! When she arrived all the way from Japan, I gave her three coats of conditioner and polished her hardware up a bit. The clasp does have some pits and can use a good polish, but nothing that a leather expert can't do! The conditioner really helped deepen the color, it looks almost black in indoor lighting. The sheen also immediately appeared after I applied one coat.

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  3. Some more pictures of the side hardware & clasps. My purse even came with the leather envelope that houses the original mirror that frequently came with purses back then!

    Hope everyone enjoys my reveal! Can't wait to create outfits around her! :love:

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  4. congrats! I have a vintage box (different hardware) too and the leather is TDF! Tres chic!
  5. Congrats! U finally received the bag! So beautiful, love vintage bags!!! Please show some mod pics when I take her out :biggrin:
  6. Congrats
  7. Thank you! Yes the leather is surprisingly in great condition for its age! Which vintage box do you have?

    Thank you Yinnie! She arrived a day earlier than expected so that was a sweet surprise. Maybe you and I could post some mod pics in the action thread of our two vintage Celine sisters? :biggrin:

    Wow! Thanks for this! It's hard to date vintage purses. I guess that would mean my bag might be from the 60's even?? That's so hard to believe. The purse is older than me!

    Thank you unoma!!
  8. Beautiful vintage! Congrats!
  9. Ah, so this is the hardware that inspired the hardware on the current Celine box.

    Congrats, OP! Your BF is super sweet for getting this for you. Enjoy your newest piece!
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    Congrats on your new vintage beauty! I love navy! Did you use blackrock? I also used blackrock on mine to clean it up. Yours closely resembles the newer box styles, so she's probably not as old? I'm curious to find out what year mine is from. If that article is correct, I'm more excited to own something older than myself.
  11. Thank you katielure!!

    He is! It was an unexpected v-day present, he had already got me something we agreed on so this was a really sweet surprise!

    As for the hardware, I actually first saw this bag through Yinnie's reveal a few years ago & put it on my list of vintage Celines to search for! It also immediately reminded me of the new boxes!

    Thank you roussel! I used Apple Guard actually, albeit more sparingly compared to my other bags since the leather is much older.

    Honestly I'm not sure which year she is from, I wish I could find out as well too. All I know is the look and style of the bag (especially the length of the strap & the whole one shoulder style) is very 70's. I asked my mom, and she told me these bags were very on trend in the 70's. I also see on other resources that the horse & carriage buckle on the other boxes are circa 1970's, & the article that Elliespurse posted also date the horse & carriage logo to 1970's. I'm pretty sure your crocodile box is from the 1970's given the sites I've come across!
  12. I took her out with me for the first time while shopping today!! I feel like you can't even tell it's a 30 year old bag! The bag has aged so well. :amuse:

    After wearing her around today, I'm thinking that I might take the bag to a leather expert and have them make a longer strap for the side without the buckle. I am petite at only 5'2'', but the strap still isn't long enough to be worn as a true cross-body which is what I actually prefer. I'm not sure if I'll actually do it, but I'm going to wear her a couple more times and see how I feel.

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  13. Love the carriage clasp! Enjoy your new beauty! :smile:

  14. Looks nice on you!!

    Just wondering how u can lengthen the strap? The vintage boxes have shorter strap so not for cross body.