Vintage Cartier Ring.. what do you think?

  1. My grandmother left me this vintage cartier ring and I have never had it sized.. I don't even know if I could. But What do you think of it? Do you like it? I think it's pretty but it is large and I have never worn such a large ring.. and it's heavy!

    Should I try to have it sized?

    It is 18k gold with diamonds and painted enamel. I don't know the age.

    Sorry about my plump fingers :p
    DSCN1312.JPG DSCN1315.JPG DSCN1316.JPG
  2. It is beautiful! I love the colors, I'd have it sized :smile:
  3. What a nice thing for your grandmother to leave to you! I love the blue and green together. I would only take it to a respected jeweler if you decide to have it sized. I think it's awesome!!!
  4. Get it sized and wear that GORGEOUS ring!!! Its STUNNING!

  5. Second that!!!!
  6. I can't wear big rings myself.. but it is gorgeous!!! Would you wear it if it did fit?? If yes, then by all means, get it resized!
  7. nice ring. I would only size it if i'm going to wear it, otherwise I'll leave it as it is for now.
  8. Take it to Cartier and have them do it, its amazing!
  9. Wow, such a pretty ring! Defo get it sized and wear with pride.
  10. That is a beautiful ring! You are very fortunate to have relatives with good taste. Of course you should go and get the ring resized--something like that needs to be worn!
  11. Definitely have Cartier take care of any sizing, otherwise there could be issues later, just as an example if the work is poorly done or the Cartier mark disturbed. Keep the service receipt too.

    Stunning ring.
  12. it looks amazing. And those type of rings are in fashion now. Great memoire of your grand mother. :yes:
  13. Honor is gorgeous as I am sure she was! Wear it proudly and I bet you will find love in the ring.
  14. WOW, that's a stunning piece! It's magnificent! I would definitely have it sized, too. :smile:
  15. Get out!!! That is an absolutely priceless piece of art jewelry! OMG, I'm stunned! Please, please size it so you can wear that beauty! Lucky girl, you!