Vintage cartier love bracelet

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  1. Hi ladies I hope you could help me with making a decision on getting a preloved Cartier love bracelet. I've been lusting after one but just can't justify spending $6800 AUD here in Sydney (im saving up for my weddings and a car). I'm thinking of getting a preloved one and I'm not sure if most people actually buy the bracelet new? Will there be issues with the older versions? I'm new to Cartier so any suggestions will help :smile:
  2. I have a WG with 4 diamonds which was bought new.

    I have the "old" screw system which I prefer- we have since looked at getting more but neither my DF or I like the " new" screw system. Just our preference, no matter what love bracelets are to die for !

    The SA told us they've received several complaints about the new system and she thought Cartier would switch back to the old system.

    I am not sure what is considered old or new in terms of the screws but my bracelet comes completely apart and the screws come completely out and it is considered the "old" screw system.

    So maybe if you're looking at a pre-loved bracelet the screw system will be better than what they have today.
  3. I bought both of my Love's new and have no problem with the new screw system. It's easy to put on/take off. I didn't want to bother with authenticity of a used one.

    I don't see an issue buying a used one though, especially since you can get it for less. Just make sure you do your homework so you don't end up buying a fake.
  4. I've heard the new screw system is not good. I wouldn't mind buying used as long as it's authentic and in excellent/mint condition. Good luck with your purchase'
  5. I agree with Beachy. I have the new screw system and have not had any issues. I love my bracelet and while originally I had thought about buying used, I was too concerned about fakes and decided on a new one.

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks ladies for all your comments! I understood that the screws on the newer versions stay on to the bracelet hence prevents screws from getting lost. I don't really mind that as I don't think I'll be taking it off and on. but seriously, I think I've been trying to find a replacement for the love bracelet but I always come back to it at the end of the day lol
    I agree with beachy10 as well because I dont usually buy used items but this particular one I saw online looks excellent
    photos taken from the seller Rise-on
    what do you think?
  7. I bought my first love bracelet in white gold from ebay last year around $3300AUD and i also bought my second love bracelet in yellow gold also from ebay around $3000AUD, both of my purchased are excellent and in mint condition. I email the sellers first and asked them if they can under value less than $850US so i don't have to pay for tax and custom fee when the good arrive in Australia ( which around 15% for jewellery ) I know that you can ask this seller " rise on" to under value for you because i purchased CC bag from them before and they did under value and mark as gift for me. I can't justify paying a full price for the bracelet and now i'm wearing 2 bracelets for the cost of 1 brand new one. It's up to you what you would like to do but i have no regrets buying it second hand.Good luck
  8. I want to get a pre-owned LOVE also, but I just can't find any authentic ones in the US Ebay. I will most likely be forced to go to the boutique for it soon before another imminent price increase :sad:

    Please don't increase that much next year, Cartier~
  9. Hi ladies where are some good places for me to look for a pre-loved Love bracelet?