Vintage buy or not?

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  1. Morning, i am thinking in buying a vintage bag. Can you tell me any other store apart from patina that sells to europe ( Spain)Do you know if this is 100% percent original in this online boutique? What should i ask for in order to properly check the bag? Any suggestions about buying online vintage are more than welcome! Thanks
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  2. I'm in the midst of looking at vintage bags myself. I trust Vestiaire Collective but I'm not sure if I shoud just wait until I have money for a new one (which feels like never since Chanel prices are oging up all the time).
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  3. It happens the same to me. I have a reissue as a present from my mum in 2008. Now it is more than 5000 eur! I have a woc of 2000 ( just bought it before the increase) i can afford a mini, which i would like in grey black or navy, a new one, but it is difficult to what should I do?
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  5. I don't trust Vestiaire at all. I bought a Gucci Soho Disco bag through them, about a year later I then sold it through them. When they were authenticating it they told me they couldn't sell it because I was selling a fake, even though I bought it from them!! I eventually argued this and was given all my money back, however I don't trust their 'authentication' at all