Vintage box bag?

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  1. Hi,
    I have already posted this in the identify this Celine thread but there is not a lot of action over there. And I don't know wher else to post this. I was wondering of some one had any info about this vintage Céline bag. I bought it from a reputable Japanese online store. Is it also vintage box bag because it looks really similar. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, I'm not authenticating for you but I can say that this bag is unrelated to the modern era of production at Celine, when Phoebe Philo came in. So it's not literally a vintage Box bag.
    Older Celine bags occupy a totally different pricing and collectibility niche from modern Celine, despite often being well-made. (Just like when people turn up a Balenciaga bag in some random style dating to before N Ghesquiere became the design director.)

    Philo dusted off an old brand that had fallen out of fashion and made it a fresh success. The "Celine Box" bag is specific to the PP era.
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