Vintage Blue Zircon Right Hand Ring—cool or weird?

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  1. I love my Cambodia Natural Blue Zircon ring thanks to Kat Flroence!
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  2. Did you get them?:graucho:

    What an interesting setting! Is that a companion ring or is it attached? Can you post a close up ?
  3. Hi!
    I wish I had it on me today. The accompanying ring just goes perfect. It is a band by a British designer named Ruth Tomlinson.
    The Blue Zircon has a special setting by Kat Florence with D flawless diamonds! It's so pretty! Hope this helps!

    Blue Zircon Ring.jpg IMG_2702.JPG
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  4. Gorgeous color!
  5. I want a pair of zircon studs! I got a beautiful pool blue pair, but I think 5mm is too small for my face:/ Back they go...
  6. Thank you! :smile:
  7. D9DC6ECA-AA89-4456-90BF-F6AFBCD13936.jpeg

    CoastalCouture I’m guessing the studs you saw were much deeper blue, but I actually want a pale blue green color pair.

    What do you guys think of these? I love the pool blue (sorry, couldn’t get a great pic) color of the 5mm, but the 6mm are the right size for my ear. The 5mm are almost a paraiba color just not neon.
  8. Yes, much deeper. They did have that neon like quality too.
  9. C14E1520-1E32-4FAE-A134-CCA1EF59778B.jpeg
    So I decided to keep the pool blue zircon studs even though they are a little small at 5mm. I just love the color. I’m experimenting with diamond jackets to give them more presence. Here’s the best one so far. Sorry, I need a manicure:oh:
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