Vintage Blue Zircon Right Hand Ring—cool or weird?

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  1. A0953A2C-1197-4A7B-92CB-C32E1BCF58AB.jpeg
    Essiedub, I think the key is making a sandwich. I personally only like to stack 3 bands at a time. I believe bought two yellow gold diamond bands for the ‘bread’ (sorry, this is the best analogy I can come up with right now:P). The yellow gold bands are different widths because I wanted flexibility, but I think it works?

    Here are the gold bands with a platinum eternity band. I will post a couple more pics tomorrow with the paraiba band!

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  2. 7F6521E5-D103-42B5-9F00-DF1FDC59EEF5.jpeg A233F71A-1249-4556-B95B-836F01804E61.jpeg
    Okay, here’s the stack with the paraiba and with another more ornate band. Hope this helps!:biggrin:
  3. Ooh. I really like these especially The middle one with the leaves. Oh I get it..( the sandwich is a good analogy)..thinner on the bread ends is the secret! Have you done stacking with gold bands also?
  4. I haven’t. I’ve just been mixing yellow and white gold/ platinum gemstone rings. But I think you could totally stack gold bands. The key is having 2 rings that are similar on the outside. Please post some pics of your stacks!
  5. Ok! Thanks lulu! This sandwich stacking is working! The photographing skills, not so really is difficult to photograph jewelry. Here’s my first attempt
  6. Here are my two rings for comparison..Paraiba on the left, zircon on the right
    It’s hard to photograph the luminosity of the paraiba. On the hand, it is lit, so to speak.
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  7. Here is where you can tell the difference in zircon grades..only apparent when set side by side. Crisper, bluer..
    The pendant on right is definitely from Cambodian older piece. I don't wear any of these very often...they’re for my pretend are much of my shoes and clothes (but that’s a different thread:noworry:)
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  8. 6CD9FB58-CEFA-4F89-956A-1B62CB3F2774.jpeg Here’s a so-so aquamarine that I've had since high school. It looked ok then but I haven't worn it in a long long time. With age (me, not the ring!), small rings just feel lost. And this one was just was too flat and small ..though I’ve always kinda liked the angle setting. Anyway, with your stacking tutorial, I think it has new life! The white gold stacking rings are all attached, otherwise, I would have done the sandwich.
    Ok thanks for indulging me. That’s all for tonight!
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  9. Love! Looks perfect!
  10. Essiedub, you’ve been holding out on me. Your collection is drool worthy especially the paraiba ring :loveeyes:. Thanks for sharing!!!

    I know what you mean by ‘pretend lifestyle’ 100%. So many jewels (definitely smaller than yours), but no place to go, especially with my 3 yo:lol:.
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  11. I have been intending to post since you started thread but had to pull out of safe. Ya, I have no fancy parties where I can wear these. Most of my circle aren’t into bags, shoes, much less jewelry so this forum is like a giggly pajama party! I got my love of jewelry from my mom. Geez it sure seems like her generation “partied” a whole lot more. Cocktail and dinner parties, dresses with coats with coordinating interior liners, matchy matchy bags and shoes..ya know, the Mad Men era. When we were 5-7 years old, my sister and I would play dress up in her closet for hours. I watched “North by Northwest” the other night and Eve Marie Saint’s outfits and jewelry were like sigh drool-worthy (the ruby ring, choker and that gorgeous dress that she wore to the auction) Those were the days!
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  12. C1C36F1B-8B53-498D-B134-1AED8BF1F140.jpeg
    Effortless glam!
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  13. So elegant. (By the way, I had the biggest crush on Cary Grant when I was a kid). I can’t imagine dressing up like that every day. I’m more of an anthro girl myself but I’m always looking for ways to interject a like bit of glam.
  14. I thought of this thread today when I saw an amazing pair of blue zircon stud earrings at Shreve in San Francisco. The color was quite deep and they were stunning.
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  15. I love my blue zircon ring It has such fire! IMG_2821.JPG
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