Vintage Blue Zircon Right Hand Ring—cool or weird?

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  1. Okay, I actually love the 1st ring, but had the opportunity to get the 6.47 for a good price. And I kind of wanted a round zircon. ..I’m in a blue gem frenzy right now so I might have to keep both! Luckily, I’m left handed:lol:
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  2. Haha that is so awesome! :girlsigh:I love jewelry, so you’ll get no argument from me! Jewelry has better intrinsic value than say purses, my other obsession:annoyed:...and it takes up very little room! :P Go lulu go!! What’s next?:drinks:

    I’ll vicariously follow your acquisition journey with great pleasure! It really is so fun to talk to other enthusiasts! I don’t get much feedback from DH besides “that’s nice, how much did that cost..”
  3. I totally agree on the intrinsic value of jewels. The jeweler that I had authenticate ring #1 said that the price I paid was worth setting alone! Now DH doesn't know about the 6.47 ct zircon yet but I couldn't resist for the size and the price.:P

    The 6.47 stone is supposed to be a little worn on the surface. I hoping that I won't have to get to polished right away. I will post a side by side of ring #3 next to ring #1 when I get it. Lmk if you see a good deal on a Paraiba. That's my unicorn...
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  4. 8796ABBB-EEA7-490F-B2B7-2B0F91480D3C.jpeg
    Okay. Here’s ring #3 (round) next to ring #1 (oval). You can see that round stone is much more green in comparison to the oval zircon. The round actually looks like more of a Montana sapphire to my eyes.

    Ring #3 isn’t returnable, but I love ring #1 just as it is so I guess I’m keeping both.
    Ring #3 is a size 4 so I will have it resized for now and reset it in the future.
  5. The cOlors are different enough so you have good variation. Side by side, #1 looks like PAraiba.congratulations!
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  6. thanks essiedub. i have a lead on a little paraiba eternity band, too...:biggrin:
  7. Ooh! :nuts:Ok post when you are ready:heart:
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  8. i haven't bought "real" jewelry in years. clearly i'm on a binge now! i will post a pic of the band when i get it from england. just keep in mind that the paraiba's are small. :biggrin:
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    Here is a pic of one of my blue zircons. I have a few others but I have to find them! IMG_1530235284.389201.jpg
    And pic under light. It’s very sparkly! View attachment 4115796
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  10. Under light IMG_1530237988.220861.jpg
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  11. Just lovely tigertrixie!
  12. Thank you!

    I am going to have to search! I have a loose stone that needs to be set and another that looks more like a wedding ring.
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  13. B4161B80-5438-4C76-AFA0-3B03AC5DC921.jpeg
    Here’s my little Paraiba Tourmaline band! It’s cute, but I will probably use it in a stack.
  14. Really nice lulu. What other pieces are you hpgoing to use for your stack? Lately I’ve really been into the stack rings but find it quite difficult to put together. Please post your stack ..I study the threads on bracelet stacks also!
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