Vintage Blue Zircon Right Hand Ring—cool or weird?

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  1. #1 Jun 10, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
    I have recently become obsessed with blue zircon, it’s probably partially meghan markle’s fault!

    I bought this vintage ring. The real center stone is actually prettier irl. More like a teal blue.

    I’m having the gem authenticated right now, but my dh hates the setting. I think it’s kind of cool.

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  2. Blue zircon is an incredible gem! I like the setting..kind of difficult to see it’s true features. Can you show a picture of the ring on your finger? Why does DH hate the setting? I don’t know the Meghan markle reference; I take it she’s a fan.
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  3. 2B746AA4-0D9E-4696-9693-AD91536254F6.jpeg 667FA36D-6590-4411-9597-3E703039D38F.jpeg 32771F2E-47C5-4647-A3CF-D4823ADFF8BE.jpeg
    Meghan wore Princess Di’s aquamarine ring to her evening reception. The whole look was stunning.

    Sorry for the creepy mannequin hand pic. My jeweler is taking the ring to a lab to have the stone tested. I hope to have the ring back tomorrow.
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  4. Oh how wonderful! I like the setting. It’s very unusual. If it looks good on your hand, why not keep it? If you do rest it, what type of setting would you get? What would your DH like? I bet if you asked him to specify, he’d back off:graucho:
  5. Thank you! I think this is kind of a cool piece. Since this is a right-hand ring, I would like to avoid the cost of a reset, if possible.

    Essiedub, what are your thoughts on blue zircon versus aquamarine in terms of an investment piece?
  6. I love this color gem. This and aquamarine. Anything in this color family. It's very pretty.
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  7. 3338AA6C-20C6-4E88-AA2A-6E9B0FB0FFF8.jpeg
    I might have the opportunity to get this larger blue zircon for a little more money...
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  8. I like the second one.
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  9. Blue zircon is more rare than aquamarine. In fact, aquamarine is most desirable when its blue approaches blue topaz..and then it is quite rare. Otherwise, aquamarine is just another nice gem. Cambodia was the source for blue zircon and for a long time, the mines were exhausted. So blue zircon was only found on vintage pieces. Blue zircon vs. aqua? The zircon all the way. It is much much more sparkly than aqua and the blue-green color is sensational. Now the 1st vs 2nd ring? My personal preference is the second but it’s not as wearable as a day-to-day piece. But the stone is also bigger so if you’re going for the princess Di/Meghan Markle wow factor glam, go for the 2nd!
  10. Love it! I have 4 blue zircon rings. The sparkle is amazing!

    The setting is a bit old school, but for a right hand ring I think it will be a conversation starter. I would wear it as is.
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  11. Thank you Essiedub!! You have confirmed everything I suspected. My dh has an unexplicable preference for aquamarine that was throwing me off of blue zircon. But even, before the Royal Wedding, I was smitten by the Montana sapphires, but I don't want to spend that much for a right hand ring. Blue zircon seems like the perfect fit.

    If I can get ring #2 for a good price, I will do a side by side comparison. But your comment about a day-to-day piece is right on the money. I would love a ring that I can wear everyday.:tup:
  12. Please share pics! I would love to see your collection!

  13. Oh well now.. Montana sapphires ...I think they have a really nice saturated blue with very little black in it. I am smitten also! But back to zircon vs. aqua. Just know that you can’t bang either around like you could a sapphire or diamond. They are more delicate. In the end, jewelry is an emotional purchase..get what you really want or you’ll always be
    “Tepid” about it. What a great problem to have, eh?
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  14. OMG I’m dying over these rings. Now you girls mentioned Montana Sapphires as well?!?!

    Awhile ago I was shopping for a beautiful Montana Sapphire piece and got distracted by other jewelry. I may need to go back to looking...
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  15. this is a fun 'problem.' lol;)
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