"vintage" black croco kelly, PLEASE HELP!!

  1. Does anyone know how much should cost a black croco kelly , with 15 years old? Here are the pictures, please let me know, because untill now I have only birkins and brand news, but know this deal just came out, I think that as an Hermès lover I should have the classic of the classics (in my opinion), please let me know, a fair price, and what kind of questions should I ask the owner as well how much did hermès could ask to repair it in case of need...
    And also is this a 28 or 32?!?
    I thank you in advance for your help!
    714972_1175621381452_0.jpg 714972_1175621381452_1.jpg
  2. You should post this question in the Authenticate This Hermes thread in the Hermes Shopping section, where you may get better feedback for your question.

    Good luck!
  3. I'm interested to find out what a vintage exotic Kelly goes for as well. I'm sure someone on here can help with that. I saw one at Hermes last month and the skin was just beautiful.

  4. Thanks!!;)