Vintage Black Box Kelly Sighting & Questions

  1. I was at a prestigious-boutique-for-the-well-heeled today and was surprised to see 2 vintage kellys on display - one in black box (28cm) and one in black croc.

    I checked out the black box kelly and here's what I found:
    - crackly smooth leather with light patina
    - no date stamp or workman number inside either flap
    - supposed to be from 1940s
    - selling for S$7350 (approx USD$5000)

    Does anyone know if this sounds like a genuine vintage kelly? Should there be a date stamp or some form of indication even for one from the 1940s? Is it worth the price? Thanks for any views!
  2. Tammy, asa posted the sighting in the inventory thread.

    I know nothing about vintage H bags. I was just surprised the store resells bags!
  3. Thanks MrsS! I will check out the inventory thread. As of now, my colleagues and I are a little flabbergasted that the store could give us no info.
  4. :lol: Am I surprised!
  5. TammyD, I think that some of the really old vintage bags do not have date stamps. I have an older Kelly from maybe the 50s and it has a mark on the strap but not a stamp that includes a letter in a circle or other shape.
  6. TammyD--I tried to look too, but I'm no expert. I was surprised to see them there too. My SA said the croc was @S$20,000.
  7. I would stay away. If the store cannot give you any info that indicates that they don't have a clue either. I would only consider it if they had it serviced by Hermes BEFORE they sell it.
    The price - well, it is quite high I think....
  8. I agree with HELLO on the price. A bit high for a vintage Kelly with crackly leather.....(is the leather starting to crack? or is it just smooth and thick?). These very old Kellys usually don't have the typical stamping we see today.
  9. That price seems WAY too high IMO! I would pass!