Vintage Birkins/Kellys - how old do these bags get & other questions

  1. I've been wanting to ask this question but never got round to it - I keep forgetting after reading all the juicy threads.

    Just how old can vintage Birkins or Kellys get? And how long do you think your bags can last before it starts to look old and unglamourous? And, how often should H bags be brought in for refurbishment?
  2. If properly maintained, your bag can be given to your granddaughter. Box is the longest lasting leather Hermes uses, but even that apparently can go 60 years before the leather is too old to be refurbished. I clean mine twice a year and send them in for refurbishment once a year.
  3. Is it ok to use leather cleaner on box leather or send it to my local leather person? I have a Bolide in black box and I don't always feel like shipping it to NYC for cleaning/refurbishment.
  4. This is a little tip from Claude: Meltonian shoe polish in neutral. Rub a little on and rub off with a soft cloth. Do no more than twice a year. Store the bag in the sleeper to keep off the dust, which is very drying to leather.
  5. oh thanks hermesgroupie! That will help so much. I really use my box leather and it gets scratches and rubs on the corners...I guess I should send it in again.
  6. HG, thanks for your precious advice! When you say you clean them twice a year, what do you actually do? Is it that you put that shoe polish on them during the process or does cleaning mean that you wipe them or vacuum them (you can tell I have no clue...)?
  7. C, no offense, but I'm laughing about the vacuum comment. You know I love you, right?:love: But by cleaning I meant the shoe polish rubdown. Although, vacuuming the interior is not a bad idea. I mean, the crud that gets into my bag!!!!! I'm surprised at the amount of dust bunnies and lint that can be found in a bag! How do they get in there?
  8. LH, my tip is just for cleaning, but the scratches have to be buffed out by a craftsman. I wouldn't even attempt to do that on my own.
  9. No offense at all!!! Rhoda sends her sweetest kisses :love: . Actually I was laughing too when I wrote vacuuming (hey, I didn't say stick it in the dishwasher or put it in the shower:graucho: ). You also do the shoe polish treatment on the inside of the bag?
  10. Feifei, thanks for putting up an example of a FAKE BIRKIN for all of us to see. I've asked the Mods to ban you.
  11. *arf* right back at Rhoda!!!!:flowers: I sometimes clean the interior of the bag with the shoepolish......................after vacuuming it. Really, I do! I honestly do get dust bunnies and lintballs in my bags!:lol:
  12. I've just sent my Courchevel Kelly that I bought in 1991, to be refurbished for the first time...I do rotate my bags a lot, so they don't get heavy use...I also keep them in their dust bags when not being used, and I clean them with a French product about once a year. When I get my Kelly back, I'll leave them my Box Plume (she's from 1994 and has never been refurbished either!)

    But I do think that it all depends on how much you use your bags, the more you use them, the more often they should go to the Spa (but not more than once a year)
  13. Oh thank goodness I now know I'm not the only one that seems to get all this crud inside my bag.

    I use a baby-wipe to clean the insides. (Gentler than those antiseptic wipes.) I think I'm baby-wipe obsessed. I also use them to wipe down the leather seats in my car too. They seem to get bits of lint in the cracks. Am I like PigPen in Charlie Brown? Do I just attract dust and lint?:s
  14. Yep, you're a linttrap!:P
  15. HG- any suggestion of what I could put on my Clemence Birkins to keep them moisturized?