Vintage Bally?

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  1. I found this patent alligator purse by Bally in the attic, I never knew existed! Just sitting in its dustbag and still shiny too. :weird:

    It probably belonged to my aunt or grandma. I wonder what year its from and would it look weird to carry it around nowadays? :lol:
  2. GORGEOUS!!!!!! :drool:

    It would not be at all weird to carry it now. Congrats on this great find!
  3. No it is very nice.. I would wear it..
  4. Weird? Heck no! Tres Chic!!! It gives the Hermes a run for its money! Wear it and enjoy it!! Beautiful, elegant bag!!
  5. ITA with the others! A month or so ago my mom gave me a vintage Bally that she only wore a few times to sell on her behalf, and I hate to see it go - it's very well made (leather lining!) and classically styled. I can see it looking good now or ten years from now, for that matter. You are lucky, OP! :smile:
  6. Beautiful and timeless!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks everyone for your input! :biggrin:
    I could see myself carrying it to a dinner party. :drinkup: Its very formal looking to me so I don't think I'll be using it to go shopping or hanging out in jeans. Now to find an event to take it to! :sweatdrop:
  8. That is gorgeous! Man if only I found stuff like that in my attic... Wait. I don't have an attic :P
  9. Hoooly, that is one stunning bag :shocked:
  10. so stylish, I say use it!
  11. Can I come and rummage in your attic?? LOL
  12. oh lucky you! great find OP... its very good looking:biggrin:
  13. :tup:
  14. a beautiful treasure to wear and enjoy!!!
  15. That is gorgeous! IMHO - you could totally rock that with jeans and a turtleneck - or tshirt depending on where you live!