Vintage Balenciagas!!( Again)

  1. Ok girls,

    I don't usually post on this sub-forum but I ' ve developed a thing lately for vintage and it was my mom that I actually told me that Balenciaga had some really nice bags even 20 years ago:nuts: ! So, I was wondering if you had any photos to take a look! The only one I saw was one on eBay a few days ago but since as meemzi pointed out it is not sure it is authentice, i posted it on authenticity thread. Other than that one:shrugs: ?

  2. ^ oh girl, I'm sure that vintage one you posted is authentic, I just thought you were inquiring about that bag specifically to see if it was authentic! :shame: sorry for any confusion!

    Anyways, I will try to take some photos of my vintage Balenciagas and post soon. I have quite a few vintage Balenciagas --- one was given to me by my grandmother! :love:
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