Vintage Balenciaga

  1. Not sure what happened to it, I posted this great vintage balenciaga bag earlier asking if you think it's worth bidding a higher amount on. I know it ended, but for the next time I can keep some opinions in mind.

    I posted it in this section because I can see that everyone talks about the authentic balenciaga ebay auctions here. I don't know why, but I'm new and if a moderator deleted it for a reason I'm not aware of, I sincerely apologize and please explain why so I don't violate any more rules
  2. ^It looks like your thread just got moved, but congrats to Mimi for winning! :yahoo:
  3. oh God... it's cuteeeee.
    mimi, can't wait for you to post pics once it's arrived :yahoo:
  4. :party: WOOOOW, Mimi! Congrats:party:
  5. Congrats Mimi!!:yahoo::drinks:
  6. congrats mimi girl!!!!!:yahoo: :heart: :wlae:
  7. Definitely need to see pics! Congrats, Mimz :heart: it's beautiful.
  8. I bid on it right away, and then again, then realized that Mimi was bidding and figured she probably wanted it way more than me ;)
    I was TOTALLY shocked it didn't end up here all week!!
  9. I had a snipe on it the first day I saw it. I am glad someone from here won it. It's so cute. Congratulations mimi. :yahoo:

  10. Thank you for the welcome! I'm looking forward to reading this forum!

    I was in a rush to see what people thought of the style since the auction only had a couple of hours on it, but my post disappeared immediately after posting it. Why was it moved to the "authenticate" thread even though I never questioned it's authenticity? I want to know what not to do the next time. Thx.

    There's another one on ebay like this? I like vintage bags and am once again looking at older balenciagas with a rustic edge. Do you think they're too trendy right now?

    Congratulations to the winner! I hope more show up. I'd rather have a bigger size, so if someone sees one listed, please post it!

  11. sbb, it might have just been a misunderstanding, I'm sure the mods will clear it up. There was another identical bag on eBay at the same time, from another seller - it went for nearly the same price - eBay: ONE OF A KIND BALENCIAGA BAG (item 260051919816 end time Nov-18-06 12:57:23 PST)

    and a not-quite-the-same-but-similar bag was listed and BINed in between the other two auctions:
    eBay: SOO RARE S/S '02 BALENCIAGA FLAT BRASS CHOCOLATE HOBO! (item 110057182155 end time Nov-18-06 03:30:54 PST)

    I don't think you'll find anyone in here to tell you that Bal's are too trendy... ;)
  12. Did Mimi move it?

    Posting it here should have been just fine.
    But there are just as many people in the Auth. this thread that could have helped in a short amount of time too.
  13. For future reference, I think any threads generally asking questions with a link to an ebay auction (especially from a newbie) are assumed to be an authentication question (that is what I assumed as I was one of the people who notified the mods). Threads in acthung are usually just stating that such and such bag is available on ebay.
  14. This is exactly what happened. A member pointed out the post to me and I assumed it was an authenticity question because you were asking a question about if you should bid on it, I was working on some schoolwork and moved it without really checking (our other b-mod, Helen :heart: is away for a few days so I was trying to act as quickly as possible so I could resume my school work, knowing there was no one other than me and the main mods). I'm really sorry for the misunderstanding, and I'll try not to be so hasty in the future.