"Vintage" Balenciaga on eBay

  1. Did you guys catch this?
    I'm pretty sure this seller has stolen a TON of photo's and added things like
    "Has some age to it but not sure of exact date (from the 50s or 60s maybe). " :sick:
    They are stolen, no? I seem to remember a lot of these listings.
    He has about 10 of them up this morning.

    The problem with reporting stolen photo's to eBay is that eBay needs the original listers to report them. I think the Twiggy is still up, maybe someone has the other listings on their ended watch lists?
    UGH, it makes me so mad.:mad:
    I'm emailing this guy right now.

    Look, here are just a few




    Here's his info

    My email is :taotaoweb@hotmail.com

  2. The photos are definitely stolen, the red/wht tweed bag is still up and ending today....
  3. Well, at least he is telling the buyer that they are 'inspired' handbags...aka fake.
  4. Ugh! This person is in the process of listing MORE....
  5. and he/she has more than one sellers id.
  6. And £85 shipping? Cripes...
  7. yeah, it's awful - the whole page of ebay was filled with these listings :sad:
  8. I feel sorry for any legitimate listers who tried to list their bags today and got entangled in these listings.
  9. That's really bad. What does this person think he/she's doing??? Thanks for posting this thread, Winona. I hope people read it before using the BIN option on some of those auctions! :mad:
  10. oh, i love your adorable black kitty-cat litljbird :heart:
  11. Ya know weeding through all of these crooks stolen pics. looking for the real thing really SUCKS! Man I hope he/she gets caught!!
  12. AAAAaaaaawwwww, thanks. He's a sweetheart! :love:
  13. Thankfully ebay pulled those auctions (at least the ones in teh first post). Maybe they are finally catching on???
  14. holy cow! the guy/girl has a ton of auctions with stolen pictures under several different user names/locations. he/she is flooding ebay with his/her garbage!:mad: :mad: