Vintage bags

  1. vintage bags are nice is anyone here into vintage bags and if so what kind i like mosty 50s and 70 vintage bags
  2. Ooh I love vintage bags! I have mostly bags from the 60's and a couple from the 70's :smile: But I really love the tiny size and cute design of the sixties bags (early sixties). I have one crocodile skin bag (60's) that I absolutely love :biggrin:
  3. I love my vitnage bags! the only designer oene I have is a Trussardi satchel which is maybe 70s or 80s. the rest are probably 60s or 70s
  4. i love vintage bags....
    i especially collect clutches
  5. I love vintage Chanel
  6. I just love vintage bags. Always on the look out.
  7. Me too! They have a charm of their own and are made really well - to last until now.

    I used to have a great collection of vintage Guccis (those monogram navy and brown ones) and vintage Vuittons (made in the USA ones under French Company) and a few Dior bags. I was forced to sell nearly my ENTIRE vintage bag collection due to a move and bills :crybaby: and TRULY regret not taking a photo of each for memory's sake :crybaby: I only hope they are being loved well by their new owners now.
  8. misspiggy, i'm sooo sorry to hear that :crybaby:
    i understand the feeling. because it's a vintage, it will be almost impossible to find the replacement.
  9. I have a few bags from the 40's & 50's, they are so well made & thought out. Most come with mirrors, coin purses & special little touches. I am old enough that the "vintage Guccis & French Co. LV's were purchased by me, so I have a hard time relating to them as vintage...:s makes me feel ancient! :lol:
  10. I love vintage almost more than modern day designer - I collect 1950's lucite box bags, I have the most gorgeous white vintage Chanel I picked up for sixty pounds and the BEST art deco style frame bag with bracelet handle. I just love 'em. Currently I have been drooling over the vintage Kellys that Liberty dept store has on display in London - sadly I can't afford to spend three months worth of mortgage payments on them - life is so unfair!!!!
    I think carrying vintage marks you out as more of an individual than blindly carrying bags from the same designer again and again and again etc.....
  11. I adore vintage handbags with kisslock closures.
  12. Oh yes, those kiss lock bags and little coin purses!! And the little mirrors and compacts and little combs that come with the vintage evening bags <sigh>
  13. :heart: i'd loooooove to get a vintage gucci...i saw one at a vintage shop once, but ended up i didn't buy it....!!!!!:crybaby: :crybaby:
  14. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: so sorry to hear that..i can feel your PAIN!!! i'm sure their new owners are happy with them!! :yes:
  15. I love vintage bags. I have one that was my grandmother' is a doctor satchel style, black and maroon velvet, in perfect condition...I've also bought a few on Ebay and at estate sales. Several years ago, there was a cute silver flap purse with a chain handle in a summer Nordstrom catalog that I liked, but it was something like $80 which at the time was too much for a cute little purse like that. A month or so later my friend and I went to an estate sale in the Seattle-Tacoma, WA area, and we were rummaging through a box in a back bedroom, and and lo and behold, I found a vintage silver purse that looked EXACTLY like the one in the Nordie's catalog for the whopping price of $1.00!!!! Needless to say I scooped it up, and it still hangs on my closet door reminding me of what a blessing/find that was!!!:yes: