Vintage bags


Sep 20, 2005



Clear Molded Lucite Clutch

Cool and cute looking
As I am new to this purse obsession, I would stick to the more classic styes myself. (hmmm I do kinna like the clear one) I

If these were shoes, I would totally go nuts! I love all kinds of shoes and it's fun to have some really fun one! Hey I even have a pair that would go with that clear purse...I refer to them as my "Barbie on Acid prom shoes".
The Lucite ones are so neat. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before. I love Lucite and Bakelite jewelry :love: I have a few bangles that I picked up at an antique show a couple of years ago.
meme said:
neat lucite bag. great way to show off a cute wallet.

would you all buy a bag like that?

i would, it's so incredibly unique. i'm big on bag details.

in fact, i'm seriously considering buying that one.
I'm new to this site and still exploring all the stuff on it. I love love the vintage clear lucite clutch. It's so funny because I just bought the same one about 6 days ago....can't wait to get it!