vintage bags

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  1. Welcome to the club, Bjara! It's not so bad. Actually, I'm having the time of my life in my forties. :nuts:
  2. Hi, I beat you all I am 55. I trawl the charity shops for my sons girlfriends who are both into fashion. The one is a designer and the other a fashion buyer. Just found lovely tan crocodile hand bag in perfect condition with little brass clasp and 4 tiny little brass "feet" .
    It looks like something Jackie O would have carried. Maybe older because I found a pic that looked similar and it said "Edwardian" era. Anyway there is a little tag on the inner zip and it looks like it says Aero (really tiny) and made in Great Britain. Any ideas about a factory in GB called Aero or something similar to that. Thanks would love to hear from anyone.
  3. another 40+ tfp'er here :coolio:

    Just 2 nights ago, my MCM was the perfect bag for my outfit. :woohoo:

    I did have the straps shortened though.. it was just too long.

    and now what do I see in this month's Bazaar mag? LONG straps. :thinking:

    I'm still glad I shortened mine though. :yes:
  4. Hi, I'm 51 and wondering what MCM stands for? It doesn't sound familiar to me. I know I have some old bags, not designer though, just kind of different that it is hard to part with.
  5. Mode Creation Munich.. it's a German brand.. My bag has to be 15-20 years old and it still looks brand new