vintage bags

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  1. what do I do with all the vintage designer bags that I never wear....Unfortunately I don't have any of the authenticity cards......does anyone remember the designer MCM?
  2. I sure do. I used to love the MCM bags but at the time I could not afford one. I wish I had one! I don't know how old you are now, but I'm 43. In my opinion I think you should save your vintage bags. When you get older they may appeal to you. Also, they will most likely become more valuable dollar-wise in the future. Please post pics. I'd love to see your vintage bags!
  3. This is great! Kat, he he..since you mentioned your age, I will mention mine. I am 42. It is good to know some of the people in this forum at my age range. I thought I am the oldest one of all.
    Since we probabaly collect or at least has one bag from the old day, it would be nice if we can share the pic. I have some of my vintage from Eitienne Aegner (I am not sure I spell it right). I have to dig into my closet though.:nuts:

    Yea pls post your vintage MCM. I would love to see it.
  4. Sweetea, I should have followed my own advice. I gave away my bags over the years when I no longer used them. I wish I had them back now. Oh, well, what can you do ... lol
  5. I'll be 49 in March..... :shame:
  6. Kat, he eh..I did the same with some of my old bags but I think I still have some of those vintages, including the black Perragamo draw string bag I purchased like 13 years ago and only wore them twice probably and it is still in an excellent condition last time I saw it. The only thing that I think dated on this bag is that it has a long shoulder straps:P . Any idea what to do with it?
  7. Another one in their 40 it! ;) .
  8. well girls, I guess MCM aged me - 49 yrs young - and as for posting my pics - that will be my new project for the next two weeks......did anyone read my LV problem with the papillon when they made the strapsa in a dark brown and the following year begam making them in the light tan - my bag looks like a fake and people have even commented on the color difference-go explain it is a real LV!!
  9. Nop but iiik why did LV decide to do that?? I didn't know about that. It sucks when that happened. As long you know that you are carrying the real thing don't worry about the stupid comment. But yeah..I could understand how you feel when someone questioning the real thing, just :lol: to it.
  10. I'll be 40 in April. :::sniff::: lol
  11. People that come out and ask you if your purse is real have no class and no shame! I um... just turned 38 last week. It's nice to have some grown up ladies here!
  12. <------ just turned 46 (I guess I'm a vintage bag,huh...LOL)

    Hey, but 40 is the new 20!!!!
  13. I can see we aren't getting older we are definately getting better! Look at all of our hot bags that the younger crowd wants. 48 here and we are one hot crowd!:lol:
  14. Speaking of vintage- does a classic burberry (flap with closure) long strap shoulder bag purchased in London's Burberry flagship store about 20 years ago qualify? It is in mint conditon - I hardly ever wore it -never got into the colors for Miami life. And by the way, my son tells me 60 is the new 50 - so nobody in this blog should feel old as long as I'm here.!
  15. I agreed! The purses keep us feel young and excited too!!:lol: :shame: .