Style Vintage bags (pre YR2000)

  1. Please post any photos of your authentic Bottega Veneta pre YR2000 Vintage bags here.
    Please indicate the style, size if applicable (i.e., med, large, mini, maxi) color name, color code, leather type, season and year of the bag you are posting. It is also valuable to include measurements in inches HxWxD, strap length or handle drop. This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Two vintage Nappa leather bags with shoulder straps that can be placed inside the bags so they can be carried as clutches. Bag on the left is a taupe color. Bag on the right is a cream color, not white as the photo looks.

    I would guess these are about 30 years old. This vintage has no authenticity tag inside.
    taupebvclutch.jpg openbvtaupeclutch.jpg creambvclutch.jpg creamclutchopen.jpg
  3. Older vintage bag in dark red. I took close-ups of the font to compare on the oldest bags and tassels as they are often sometimes on the older bags. The straps are usually attached in a way that can be tucked inside to use it as a clutch. I apologize for the first photo--it came out badly. The true color is the second photo.
    BVdarkredvintage1.jpg BVdarkredvintage2.jpg BVdarkredvintagefont.jpg BVdarkredvintagetassels.jpg
  4. Good ol' vintage shoulder bag, black suede lining:
  5. [​IMG]
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    I have had this BV bag since 1980 something.

    6.5" h x 6.5" w x 3" D at its deepest point

    The strap is a 24" drop, however it is adjustable.

    I bought this on a whim because i thought she was soo cute.

    She is actually the color of the first 4 photos. The 5th photo is with the flash to show details.
    DSC00901.JPG DSC00881s.JPG DSC00883s.JPG DSC00899s.JPG DSC00892s.JPG
  7. Brown BV with tan suede lining -- vintage? -- you don't see this style much. It is VERY soft leather.
  8. Vintage lilac bag. It is not a large bag - 18" at the top, 11" wide at the bottom and 9" tall. It lies flat, and most probably has less room than a medium veneta. It feels and smells like nappa. It closes with a magnetic snap, is lined in black leather, and has one zipper pocket. By all the markers, it was probably produced in the 70's but is in fantastic condition. I use it in place of a clutch, since I do like larger clutches.
  9. Small Crossbody, Nappa Leather, Purple color

    8.5 in wide at top, 9 in wide at widest part
    9 in tall
    inside can vary from flat, to 1in wide, to wider
    40" strap (actually probably 5in or so longer but tied shorter)

    Possibly from the 1980s

    intrecciato and color swatch closeup

    Came with a mirror
  10. I am not sure the year these were purchased, but somewhere in 1990-1992. The two small bags were purchased in Europe and the tote at NM in Dallas.


    I still use this one!!
  11. Black frame clutch with tuck-in strap
    Bone tassle flap with tuck-in strap
  12. Vintage Veneta style with flat handle and black suede lining, metal tag.
  13. Diamond embossed handle-clutch with detachable long strap, smooth leather lining.
    021.JPG 019.JPG
  14. Black diamond embossed hobo -
  15. my friend's vintage BV bag :smile:
    2009-09-09 NF BV1.jpg