Vintage bags and restoration...

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  1. Does anyone ever think it's worth it to get a Hermes bag in need of good restoration and TLC? Does a bag in need of LOTS of love end up costing about the same to walk into the store?
  2. I guess it depends on how much tlc. I once almost bought a Kelly for around US $1000 that would need quite a lot of work, but it was all things I could do myself with leather restoration creams and waxes. However, if it's a case of holes or tears or broken bits, then I would consider a newer bag. It would also depend on the skin. Exotics, no but most of the bovine skins, yes!
  3. My vintage box Kelly looked really bad when I bought it. But DH cleaned her and followed Docride's directions in the vintage bag nightmare thread (thanks Docride!) and buffed, buffed, buffed her and she looks fantastic again. The scratches are still there but you can't really notice them and they just give her character. Box leather is amazing. :love:
    As long as the leather is not cracked I think it's worth trying.
  4. I second all of the above! It really depends on what skin and how much TLC it needs. Box is super easy to work with after reading Docride's leather thread and I highly recommend anyone who wants to have a little project! I once bought a beat-up rouge H jige and restored her using Docride's method and it was such a fun project! :tup:
  5. Definitely worth it! Check out Miss Muriel's transformation. :nuts:


    Here she is after my serious elbow-grease workout.

    Poor thing was so parched that I decided I'd go on and have her visit the H. Spa. She just kept drinking up all the treatments I had done. She took a trip to the spa and 7 weeks later she was back looking brand new. They had touched up the corners, the wax and the leather was so rich looking. :tender:
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    Really depends on what is wrong with it. If it is minor structural damage, i.e. some stitching, that is not so bad. A new handle? Forgedda 'bout it! Some corner retouching and spa, that is fine. Of course it all depends on the price of the bag.

    Prada, your bag is so beautiful! Looks brand new! Love that zipper pocket on the side. Good for those parking tickets that get lost in your bag when you need them validated :smile:
  7. Prada P, your bag looks good! I think it really depends on the bag and could be viewed on a case by case basis.
  8. wow! what a beautiful job you did:woohoo: