Vintage bag. Yay or nay

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  1. Hi guys,
    I really shouldn't buy anymore Chanel this month. Just got some heels, the filigree flap and a 2.55 small wallet but....
    I saw this bag being sold used and I'm considering whether or not I should get it. It's from 2015 Cruise seasonal collection.
    Does anyone have this bag? Any modeling shots? Pros and cons? Thanks in advance for any input. ❤️
    Picture borrowed from bragmybag

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  2. Here's another picture for reference~

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  3. Hi guys
    I actually posted earlier but not a single person replied. I dunno if somehow the thread was private?
    Anyways I'm thinking of buying this bag. It's a pre-loved bag.

    It's the small messenger from Cruise 2015. Does anyone have it? or have any modeling shots? Thx

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  4. what color?
  5. The pink one.
  6. I don't love it personally. The price seems high to me for size and popularity.
  7. I'm not a fan.

    Seems way overpriced and I'm not crazy about the size.
  8. Same... Its a very cute little purse but the price seems so very high!
    So i wont - but if you like it then you should go for it!
  9. i would pass...

    i think it's expensive and i'm not a fan of the shape..

    those are just my personal thoughts.
  10. I always liked these messenger bags and they sold out in stores. The pink is really pretty and I think it's made of calf which makes it pretty durable....
  11. We don't allow members to post a topic twice, we merged your threads.
  12. 2015 doesn't qualify as vintage...that's way too recent. A bag has to be at least 10 years old to be in that category. :smile:

    As for the bag itself, its cute but definitely overpriced. If you decide to re-sell it in the future, I don't see this as having a high resale value or demand.
  13. I think it depends what the price of this bag is now?
  14. the price is high. there is a CC bubble bag that is substantially larger, calf, and looks more like the larger one in the photo and it is going on the pre-loved market for about 2K. i would pass on that one b/c of the price ... i think if you're willing to get something pre-loved you can find a similar shape and style for much less.
  15. I think this seller pulled the pic from Brag my Bag which reflects the newer price. I don't think she has shared the new price....
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