Vintage Bag question...

  1. I know I'm one of many who loves those vintage bags out there and I've been wondering....when looking at buying a vintage Hermes bag from a reseller on-line, is it possible that they are all the real deal prior to a certain year? For example, does anyone know if they were making fake Kelly's prior to say 1985 or so?

  2. That is an interesting quesion. I do have a bag from the 60's when they stamped Hermes/Paris only. I think you are correct that fakes were not really done back then. There were knockoffs of the Kelly by Lederer, but you knew what it was. Same with look alike bags from Suarez. The really blatant stuff is more recent.
  3. Very good question Shopmom~ Of course, I have no clue what the answer is:P, but am very interested to see what others post!
  4. LEDERER, that's it!!! sorry, i saw these stores in switzerland and couldn't remember the name. i think that's it. shelves of look-a-likes. in many many store windows, nice stores, no compunction about displaying right up front complete look-a-likes. all i can say is that the swiss in zurich are very exposed to and enthusiasts of the style of the kelly bag.
  5. But Lederer has "honest" imitations -- they don't try to be Hermes and don't put Hermes stamps, etc. on the bags. One thing to remember, there really isn't a "trademark" on the Kelly bag -- there is a trademark on the Hermes name and stamp, etc., but not on the style of the bag. The blatant fakes are counterfeits and violate copyright laws, because they attempt to be direct copies of the bags themselves down to the craftsman number. Lederer and Suarez copied the style, but not a literal copy -- which is what is protected under copyright law. And Lederer and Suarez make some very nice bags - wonderful leathers and excellent construction. But, they're not Hermes.....:heart:

    OK, now that the lawyer on the forum has totally bored you all to death......:roflmfao:
  6. A long while ago I bought a Black Box Kelly that was from the 1950s and stamped Hermes Paris. I took it to Hermes to be refurbished and my SA told me it was a gorgeous vintage bag, in very good condition for it's age and sent it off to New York to be refurbished. She called me a week later to tell me the bag had been returned and could not be refurbished because it was a fake. So, yes there are old fake bags. Be cautious when buying them and I suggest taking them to Hermes for a polish immediately after buying them. I was lucky, I purchased my bag from a reputable dealer who refunded my money immediately after hearing of the situation.
  7. Interesting, DG - and something similar happened to me with my Rolex. My parents (bless them) bought me a "pre-owned" Rolex years and years (and years...) ago from who they thought was a reputable dealer. I wore it for a few years and then took it to an authorized Rolex jeweler to be cleaned, and they sent it to Rolex and it came back in beautiful shape. Last year, I fell and dislocated my left shoulder and broke my Rolex after wearing it for at least 15 years. So, I took it in to be fixed...... lo, and behold, Rolex sent it back saying that the diamond face was "aftermarket" and they would not fix it. As disappointed as I was that I couldn't get the watch that my folks had so lovingly given me fixed ---- I went out and bought a new one. :lol:
  8. holy hell. wow. that is a major story. thank you for sharing, because this is exactly what shopmom and i were wondering about. so buyer beware, even of vintage. so so good to know.

    shopmom, i get a bad vibe from that one we were talking about. i'm going to pass (between the zipper position and the way the handle looked... it didn't sit right with me).

    funnyredhead, i did not mean to imply that lederer was doing anything wrong. i called them look-a-likes because i thought that was more appropriate than knock-offs, but maybe i had it backwards. which is the right term to use in this case? i felt that the common retail presence of these similar bags reflected a geniune passion in zurich for that kelly bag style. i certainly can relate to that. :yes:
    oh, and why do you suppose rolex fixed your watch the first time, or cleaned it, without catching any problems? i bought mine from tourneau - do you suppose that's safe?
  9. It's so disappointing that we really have to question everything in this day and age! I bought a Lederer bag about 10 or so years ago! It was very nice....sold it though...Funnyredhead, you're a lawyer? I used to be a legal secretary up until I had my 3d baby -- loved the field!
  10. And HH, I think that's what Lederer traded on for a loooong time!! You are quite accurate when you call them "look-alikes". That's exactly what they are!

    Yes, Tourneau is definitely safe because they are an authorized Rolex dealer and you bought it new. My old Rolex was "pre-owned". Now, mind you, there was no deception - -my parents knew they were buying pre-owned. But, the first refurbishing was years ago -- long before all of the counterfeit Rolex merchandise, so they probably established a policy of not doing anything that was not original Rolex after that. The watch itself is original -- it's only the face itself that is aftermarket with the diamonds.
  11. i got a little lederer treat when we were in zurich - an umbrella. :nuts:
    would rolex have removed and replaced the face if you had wanted them to?
  12. I confess...I'm a lawyer. I did manage to hide it for a while in here....but I'm such a geek that it didn't take long for it to come out. :shrugs:
  13. you and my sister, husband and dad. i think i'm one by association. :upsidedown:
    you're no geek.
  14. Fellow attorney over here! You are not a geek, you are fabulous!
  15. I need to become a lawyer, either that or an engineer. But first, must get my H bags ...

    Yeah, my priorities are all wrong.