Vintage Bag ID...? Givenchy?


May 24, 2007
I took a chance on ebay and and bought a vintage bag that it seemed was probably misidentified. It was only $10 so if it turns out to be nothing I'm not out anything. But, my guess is that it is a vintage Givenchy handbag, and my Givenchy-obsessed boyfriend thought it likely was one. But, I'm still not sure and I was hoping you girls and guys could lend me a hand!

The bag is definately patent leather or pleather, there are no tags or markings on the inside or any indication of where they might have been. It is lined with some sort of synthetic fabric but in immaculate condition. When I put my face in it it smells like the vintage bags I grew up playing with and it feels really solid. The seller guessed it was probably a Guess bag but if it was, my guess is that it would have logos plastered all over inside it, which it does not suffer from. Vintage Givenchy? Something else? What do you think?



Mar 28, 2007
Not a Guess bag. Could be vintage Geoffrey Beene?? The G doesn't look like a Givenchy g to me.