Vintage bag I LOVE this.

  1. That's a variation on the Camera Bag, which was first released in A/W '03 - '04.

    That one could quite possibly be from the subsequent season, though, as, like many Chloe bags, the Camera Bag (and its variations) carried on being produced for more than one season. :yes:

  2. I'm going to assume here that Betty is a variation of the Camera Bag? Betty with the think leather handles naturally.:idea:
  3. Hey susie - I have seen that bag before - maybe on eBay. Someone also brought it up on this forum fairly recently. What a fabulous purse!
  4. Susie and Mom, you guys are nerds!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Abby
    Im going to bed now
  5. You are a daughter of a nerd!:heart: A stylish one I may add!!
  6. If we're NERDs - what are YOU doing on here? You want that Bay bag you better start saving money babycakes!
  7. Look how she even made an avatar! She never made ME one! MY BABEE!!!!